You may have heard the expression “if only walls had ears” referring to the secrets they would hear. At AISB in our classrooms although our walls do not have ears they can certainly speak and they speak the language of the middle years program and to all our students go on about teaching and learning.
In the corridors we see the celebrations of success with the rolls of honor, the learner profile, our mission statement and service opportunities. Yet it is when we get into classrooms you will really hear the walls yell out to our students about the units being taught, the command terms used, the key words needed and share what has been happening.






So whenever you visit please take a moment to listen to what our walls have to say.
Special thanks for the following teachers with their excellent wall displays: Mr. O’Brien from the Science department, Ms. Parnell in English Language and Literature department, Mr. Pryslak from the math department and Ms. Nedelcu in Language Acquisition department.