Supporting Our Students Manage Their Timeplanning

The development of self-management skills are crucial to help our students achieve success.  At AISB we work to ensure that students’ calendars are not overloaded with major assessment tasks (these would be tests or performances). This has still been a busy week for many of our students and this has highlighted those needs.

Here are some specific skills that we promote and additional guidance help:

Keep and use a weekly planner for assignments – This helps a student visualize what is expected and identify in advance busy times in advance. This should include not only the summative assessment tasks which are shown in Managebac but also homework tasks or service learning requirements or sporting trips.

Plan short- and long-term assignments – The Personal Project is a great example of a truly long-term assignment.  Deadlines for every stage of the project have been identified for the year and adequate time provided for these to be met.  These deadlines should be considered with respect to the other shorter term assignment deadlines.  By grade 10 we expect our students to be able to plan to make the best use of their time and not leave work to the last moment.

Meeting deadlines – Formative tasks are designed to help students be prepared for summative tasks and the feedback students receive from these is crucial.  By meeting these deadlines students provide teachers with the opportunity to give advice on what is required to move forward

Create plans to prepare for summative assessments – Breaking any assignment into achievable stages and planning these out over time is always preferential to leaving everything to the last minute.  This is often reflected by teachers whose lessons will reflect the research stage, or supporting writing a specific section of the task.

So if you get the chance talk to your son and daughter about organization skills and help them be prepared.