As part of my current masters unit on conflict resolution I have been asked to briefly consider my opinions relating to the acceptability of torture – who knew my blog would take such a path.

I am not a supporter of either enhanced torture techniques which “invoke existing fear” or more traditional methods which tap into the bodies response to pain.  This would come as no surprise to anyone who know me.  Yet this task has made me consider the reason for this statement in even the most contrived “24” esque life or death of millions situation.  Torture is always floored because it is the short term solution for people who want to get a specific answer.  For which reason the bodies response mechanism for survival will cause it to tell people whatever they want to here to stay alive – and this therefore could equally be the truth or the required lie.  Furthermore those that would claim that they intend to do the right thing when this crisis is later averted are clearly misinformed as the information gathered becomes inadmissible in a court of law.  Now a truth serum, as is alleged to exist from some basic internet searches, does seem a more humanitarian solution.  However, its use in conjunction with other forms of torture does seem counterintuitive – it either works or it doesn’t.  Here I also respect the need for everyone to keep a secret.  When it comes down to it I feel that it is an investigators job to put the pieces together with firm evidence and that means there is never any point for torture.