So I have spent a few minutes using some infographic resume sites which all pull data from my own personal linkdin site.  Let me share the initial outcomes

Spoken language map from


Here is my personal infographic resume from this site –

This is my favourite of the three offerings.  I like the timeline representing my educational and working lifetimes in parallel.  My interests, and crucially the scaling of them is fascinating.  As seen on the diagram when my own limited language skills are represented on a world map they seem far more impressive than they really are.


Skills and specialty proficiency from


Here is my personal infographic resume from this site –

I think that there is a great deal of interesting extracted information but the proficiency and frequency of use source information presently does not well reflect me.  For instance the statement of having only one year of science skills does not well represent my life time of scientific pursuit.  In fact it only reflects when I updated linkdin so I need to look at how I can change that information.

Employment timeline from



Here is my personal infographic resume from this site –

There is just not enough information on this site.  There is only a employment timeline and two large icons showing my university qualifications.  So simply there is just not enough information there to justify it’s existence.



So, as I mentioned before, I instantly warm to the version and feel it reflects me the most – and considering that they all come from the same information this really does emphasise the power of visual representation.   For me I felt they effectively highlighted the gaps.  For instance there was no reflection of my voluntary history which I feel represents a large part of my life so this needs to be somehow rectified.

So to wrap up I am going to recognise the power of infographics they promote an emotive response to information and when we are talking about trying to get someone to give you a job this can only be a good thing – if done correctly.

Do I think these tools are great – yes.  Am I glad that I am not presently looking for a job and have at least a year to work on these – yes.  So will I be using these tools to help me get my next job – BIG YES.