Having spent some time setting up the structure of my reverse learning classroom I have now truly flipped it by making my own knowledge front loading videos.  The final push was that I could not find anything on the web that was just right for my class to cover the concepts of power and efficiency.

I used camtasia recorder to simultaneously capture my screen (writing onto a Smart Note) and my webcam (so adding my face to the proceedings).  It took me a little time to get the section of the screen I wanted to capture correct and I also had to place a pile of books behind my screen to keep it still whilst I was recording.  Yet these were minor teething issues.

For the structure of the vodcast I wanted to keep it short and too the point with; key formula, discussion and then example (s).  I mapped out what I wanted to point out on paper and placed the discussion point and example question at the top of different SmartNote pages.  Structured so I could go over all in one take requiring no time consuming editing – which I managed.

Camtasia recorder automatically transferred the recorded content into a camtasia editing suite in which I added a title screen and then uploaded directly onto my youtube channel. This was incredibly easy!

So here is my first video discussing power:


Here is my second video discussing efficiency:


I look back on them and already have some issues.

1) My handwriting is not great and this is accentuated by writing onto the tablet screen.

2) Why did my first video have to be at the end of MOVEMBER.  I have been developing the kind of moustache which should not be seen around young children.

3) It should be displacement not distance in my deconstruction of the power formula.

Yet although I have those minor concerns I am really pleased because with the outcome because of the relative ease and the short time they can be produced in.  These are the features which I need to convince me to keep on producing these vodcasts.  Plus I know next time I teach this content I will do it again and it will be better (just like all teaching should be).